Rubbing the towel with more is not good?

 industry trends    |      2017-10-28
Environmental protection bath towel, the north of the bath artifact, pocket towel face, the surface is rough, mostly artificial plant silk material, is one of the common bath supplies. 

Use the bath towel before the need to put the body's skin and rubbing bath towel full wet, and then rubbed towel set in the palm of your hand, pour the bath after rubbing the body can also be directly in the body when the high temperature scrub. But environmental protection bath towel in the use of the need to pay attention to the following questions. 

First, rubbing bath towel hard and rough surface directly damage the skin, so that the epidermal keratinized layer is too rubbed and shed, the protective effect weakened.

Second, the use of rubbing towel, if you do not pay attention to the health of bath towels, but also spread some skin infections.Especially with others to share the bath towel, the chance of infection more, 

Third, often use environmentally friendly bath towel, but also easy to suffer from boils, impetigo and other skin diseases. 

Fourth, the skin dry or suffering from itching disease, ichthyosis, psoriasis, eczema, vitiligo and other skin diseases, patients should not use nylon twist towel. One if the use of nylon twist bath towel clean too much, it will rub off the skin surface a large number of protective effect of keratinocytes, and wash away the sweat and sebum together to form a chemical protective film, leading to disease aggravated.