Bathing shower must have a small double-layer

 Company news    |      2017-10-28
Young people like to pursue fashion trends, to adapt to new things very fast, a small bathing shower cap can also use a variety of tricks, satin double waterproof print cap, EVA bath cap, net flower cap, wash A bath can come up with a thousand odd, is to personality! Is to be different! 

Satin double waterproof print cap is now very popular with young people, because in the satin bright and smooth can make the pattern more clear, beautiful, colorful, wear, weather. Not only the appearance of beautiful design, and the use of environmentally friendly materials made of environmentally friendly EVA film, double intimate design, by more and more people sought after.

In addition, satin double waterproof printing bath cap is a personal bath products, after use to pay attention to health habits, often sterilization, custom replacement, health bath can be very simple.