Creative home bathing products

 Company news    |      2017-10-28
In the bath we often use a variety of bath products, Cu bath has a bath towel, shower gel bubble bath and so on a wide range of bath products. Not only enriched the fun of bathing, but also the greatest degree of cleaning off our body dirt. In this many bath products, environmental protection shower is a very good bathing weapon. 

The role of environmental protection bath is not only able to shower into a rich bubble, clean the skin, but also can help us in the usual bath can not reach the place easy to clean, very convenient. And its material is mostly by the LDPE (high pressure polyethylene) new environmentally friendly materials produced by the skin without any harm.

Although it is environmentally friendly products, but also pay attention to health habits, because the general bathing supplies is very easy to breed bacteria, so the environmental protection bath to the usual disinfection, with a month or so to timely replacement.