How to do dry skin disease in winter?

 Company news    |      2017-10-28
Winter to a variety of skin problems one after another, cold weather in winter, dry, rapid water shortage, dry, tight produce a lot of stratum corneum. Stacked for a long time will be derived from a lot of bacteria, resulting in a variety of skin diseases. Skin surface of the stratum corneum can not be ignored, exfoliating bath ball is for this problem R & D and production. 

The exfoliating bath ball is made of nylon mesh, it is not only beautiful and practical, its unique netting structure can be used as a bath to easily remove the skin dirt, sweat, horny, so that the skin becomes smooth, soft, but also Enhance the skin surface blood circulation, speed up the metabolism, so that the skin becomes white and tender,

Toilet air warm and humid, is the most bacteria produced place, after use to pay attention to exfoliating bath ball clean, ventilated and prolonged service life.